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written work

Through my writing, I explore stories that I want to tell, but haven't yet seen on stage and screen. Check out my New Play Exchange profile for samples of all of my scripts. 


Pride and Prejudice and Perms

Full length

11F / 5M

It's 1987 and Lizzie Bennett has a lot on her plate: annoying little sisters, an overbearing mother, crazy teachers, not to mention the preppy Will Darcy, a recent transfer from a local private school. Along with her best friends Jane and Charlotte, Lizzie navigates the tempestuous world of high school, boys, and really big hair in this campy adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel.

The Shore

10 Minutes

1F / 1M / 1E

In search of her father's spellbooks, Miranda returns to the magical island where she was raised and finds that not all is as she remembered it.

Turned Brass

10 Minutes


Michelle is worried her friend Dalia has joined a cult, but will their strained history keep her from making a difference?

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