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Artistic Statement

I am a theatre artist committed to celebrating the imperfection of humanity. I do this by infusing my work with these practices:


Empathy. Both in the act of storytelling and in the act of making the work, I believe we must recognize the inherent needs of the people giving their time, energy, bodies, and minds to the creation of a piece of theatre.


Theatricality. I believe in fully embracing the form of theatre, and deeply questioning why the stories we tell are best served by this method of artmaking. 


Love. Why are we here? Why do we endure the long hours and piecemeal schedules and low pay? We do it because we love making theatre. A deep love that does not shy away from the difficulties and sacrifices of artmaking, a love that rejoices in the process, and a love that demands ensemble and community is necessary for this kind of work. If we don’t truly love what we are doing, what is the point? 

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