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I Wanna be a fucking princess

By Jenny Connell Davis

I Wanna Be a Fucking Princess is a magical, poetic, and messy story of female friendship. Through a shifting timeline, we see the lives of five women play out as they blur the lines between heroes and villains, friends and foes, princesses and wolves, and ultimately relinquish themselves to the power of transformation. 

A developmental reading of IWBAFP was produced as a part of the Texas State New Works Festival in October 2022.

The cast was:

Ruby - Kaitlyn Huston

Bella - Savanah Downing

Nieve - Nalliyah Jenkins

Dre - Paola Sordo

Zel - Shelby Breda

Stage Directions - Sara Scheidt 

Stage Manager - Kelsey Nelson

Lighting Design - Brydon Lidle

Production Advisor - Jerry Ruiz

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