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wedding bash

By Andrew Leeds and Lindsay Kraft

When a newly married couple invites their two friends over for a post-wedding rehash, things get tense when it becomes clear that maybe people didn't love the wedding as much as they said they did.

-Via Concord Theatricals

Wedding Bash was produced as a part of the Firecracker productions Double Feature in February of 2022 at Garza Studios in Houston, Texas.

The cast and crew of Wedding Bash was:

Dana - Micah Obregon

Lonny - Allen Titel

Edi - Paige Thomas

Alan - Jairo Suarez

Production Manager - Kelsey McMillan

Stage Manager - Drew Ford

Sound and Light Design - Coda Pariselli

Set Concept - Kathleen Brown & Alric Davis

Costumes - Micah, Allen, Paige, and Jairo

Photography - Pin Lim


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