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I directed the world premiere of Subsistence by Sally Jane Kerschen-Sheppard in August of 2019 at Encore Arts in Fulshear, TX. It was produced by Encore Arts in conjunction with the Texas Nonprofit Theatres POPS! Competition.

"In the midst of a world-wide economic collapse, three siblings reunite at their family farm in Texas believing it will be their best chance at survival. As they are forced to live and work together, old conflicts come to the surface, and their internal struggles clash with the need to protect themselves from the outside world."- from the playwright's NPX page.

The cast of Subsistence was as follows:

Robert: Joseph Matthew Galan

Virginia: Amy Davis

Mary: Tamara Ledyard

Janice: Andrea Cammack

Peter: Christopher Krause

Katie: Delaney Cammack

Michael: John Galloway Hawes

Assistant Director: Michael Cammack

Set and Costume Design: Lori Magyar

Sound Design: Aiden Ledyard

Light Design: Abby Siler

Props Mistress: Emerson Cammack

Subsistence Graphic 1.jpg
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