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Where to Begin

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I'm applying for a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing.

I honestly don't know where to begin. A year ago, I decided that I wanted to apply for my graduate degree in directing. Now that the fall is looming and my boyfriend's final year of law school has begun, I'm actually doing it. I'm filling out applications, writing personal statements, reformatting resumes, all of those lovely things I haven't done since my senior year of high school six years ago.

As I was researching programs in the past year, I noticed that there is basically no roadmap for how to apply for MFA Directing programs. So, I decided to create my own via this blog that will hopefully be helpful to someone in the future, and as a record for myself in case I don't get in anywhere and have to start over again next year. Which I feel is highly possible given my relative newness onto the professional theater scene.

Anyway, I've already compiled a list of the schools I will be applying to that were chosen mostly on a location basis, and I must note I am applying while in a long-term relationship (4 years in October!) so they are in places where my BF can have a good chance of getting a job. Currently, I'm in Houston working in arts administration by day and freelance directing by night, and this horrible, humid, late-August heat is the perfect kick in the behind to start applications. Let's see where this journey takes me...

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