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Directing is a Lot of Work

This is a short post.

I'm going through all of my files and compiling what I have for each show I've done in the past three or so years and where I have it saved (answer: all over the the f*cking place) and y'all I put a lot of work into these shows. And I can guarantee at the time I was working on them, I thought I wasn't doing enough.

For Divine Mercy Witness I emailed like a hundred Catholic groups individually and posted on like 20 Houston area online calendars and made a press release and designed the fliers, and that was just the marketing. Iris and I were a two person team on that worked tirelessly for like two months to get to what we got while also holding down full time jobs.

I've only gone through the materials for three shows and jeez I don't know where past me got all of that motivation, but if she could do all that shit and still remember to pay rent and brush her teeth then I suppose I can write a few essays and pay what seems like $1 million in transcript fees if it means I get support and education in what I obviously love doing more than anything else.

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